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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lost Pierce Brosnan cut from Season Twelve emanates

A snippet of previously unheard narration from Pierce Brosnan's proposed stint in the Twelfth Series has been unearthed on YouTube.

The clip uploaded by a user from London animation company, Stardust Pictures, shows a near 40 second cutting from the original, Gordon Takes a Shortcut episode.

It unearths Brosnan's lost voices of Stanley, Gordon and The Fat Controller to have been used after the beginning of the story.
The video has stayed on the social networking site as far back as April 2011 but has since had a resurgence in recognition.

Stardust Pictures helped create storyboards and visual direction for the Eleventh and Twelfth Seasons, under the guidance of Animation Director, Dino Athanassiou.

Former James Bond movie star, Brosnan lent his vocals to 2007's, The Great Discovery and was in the process of voicing the model and CGI hybrid series before leaving the project.
His contracted availability would have seen him be involved with Seasons Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen and the eventual two specials, Hero of the Rails and Misty Island Rescue.

Shortly after departing, veteran storytellers, Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon returned to the show on their respective placements in the British and American sides.

Pierce Brosnan's sound booth session for, Thomas Puts the Brakes On can be glimpsed at several moments in an extra called, Behind-the-Scenes with Pierce Brosnan on The Great Discovery US DVD.

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