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Friday, 15 June 2012

'Stinky Cheese' storyboard by Nitrogen seen on Vimeo

The original storyboarding sequence for Nitrogen Studios' animation test to Hit Entertainment has been glimpsed on a Vimeo Channel.

The 2 minute clip uploaded by Series Eleven and Twelve's Animation Director, Dino Athanassiou on his account, stakes a handrawn presentation relating to the middle of the Thomas and the Stinky Cheese episode.
The work in August 2007, led to Nitrogen some months later to create a fully immersed CGI visual version of the Eleventh Season story.

The audition posed to Hit's executives resulted in the Canadian based company to join Thomas & Friends for the five series they eventually made.

Also on Athanassiou's Vimeo is the Pierce Brosnan narrated scene from the original cut of, Gordon Takes a Shortcut which was shared onto YouTube by Dino's company, Stardust Pictures shortly after the upload had taken place.

Thanks to TheRollingThunder for the alert.

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