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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thomas and Percy Take-n-Play properties discovered

Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy the Small Saddle Tank Engine will be the driving force behind a number of Take-n-Play sets.

Thomas relishes the commitment in two properties starting with Toys R Us' Slate Loading Station.
The expansive Blue Mountain Mystery headliner uncovers a layout where the engine is supported by a truck and moving machinery.

The No. 1 steam locomotive also journeys back to the past with Thomas' Treasure Hunt Adventure, a promo by US consumer Target which directly connects to the Tenth Series story, Thomas and the Treasure.
Percy from another point of view runs a three pack in Percy's Bumpy Delivery. The original creation has the green steamer taking supplies of flour and what appears to be a family of rabbits to a destination.

Take-n-Play State Loading Station, Thomas' Treasure Hunt Adventure and Percy's Bumpy Delivery by Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide with the latter two only appearing in the US, soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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