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Friday, 1 June 2012

Hit's 'Awesome Adventures' debut volume turns British

The first chapter of Hit Entertainment's brands DVD series, Awesome Adventures is transferring to the British professional market.

The original US collection's, Rescue Friends has taken on the indentity of Favourite Friends. While Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder feature, Pingu joins the UK regional disc.

At least one episode from one of Hit's shows is changed, that be of Toby's New Whistle loses its position to, James in the Dark.
The summary tells; When friends work together, anything is possible! Spencer shows what good friends can achieve when he steams through thick fog to rescue Percy, and James' new light helps to save a concert from disaster!

Bob the Builder's Can-Do Crew helps Scratch out of a sticky situation, and Dizzy surprises her friends - and herself - when she turns a big mistake into a great success.

Fireman Sam proves that a hero's work is never done, and his nephew James learns that some rescues are best left to the professionals!
Pingu and his pals add to the fun, keeping Pingu from harm when she suddenly starts to sleepwalk. There's lots of adventures to enjoy in this awesome collection from your favourite friends.

Episodes include;
Thomas & Friends in
Spencer the Grand and James in the Dark

Fireman Sam in
Off Duty Sam and Fireman James

Bob the Builder in
Scratch Goes Solo and Whizzy Dizzy
Pingu in
Pingu Sleepwalks and Pingu Digs a Hole
Awesome Adventures: Favourite Friends hits UK DVD shelves on July 2nd 2012.

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