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Friday, 15 June 2012

Exclusive: AudioGO discuss more 'The Railway Stories'

Award winning audiobook makers, AudioGO have vowed that they will not discontinue producing another, The Railway Stories CD.

The spoken word merchandising company, who are owned by BBC Worldwide Consumer Products, are yet to distribute a seventh volume in the Michael Angelis audible franchise spinoff of, The Railway Series.
Speaking to, Roll Along Thomas, the formerly known BBC Audio team are in the early stages of planning a forthcoming sequel.

We hope to be able to carry on with the range, perhaps later next year and yes (Mountain Engines, Very Old Engines and Main Line Engines), those would be the next titles to follow.

Branch Line Engines and Other Stories was the last modern Awdry disc to be made and was dispatched to the public in June 2011.

The next Rev. W. Awdry literatures to be developed for CD, chronicled the adventures of the Culdee Fell Mountain, Narrow Gauge and Sodor Railways, with real life events relating to some of the tales.

Thanks to SI3DFilms.


  1. Great news! I'll wait as long as it takes for a new audiobook, knowing that there WILL be, at least, one more Railway Stories outing

  2. I'm really hyped to hear Michael Angelis saying the names of the Mountain Engines... I hope in the next book, he'll narrate Enterprising Engines...