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Friday, 22 June 2012

Rusty 'Flashback Victor' to arrive in Take-n-Play Sodor

Flashback Victor otherwise known as, Victor Comes to Sodor, will tread the boards of Fisher Price's revolution of die-casts.

The pre-dating Victor model named, Rusty Victor, was discovered to be in existence on an Australian ebay auction.
Opposing the Wooden Railway formation, the Take-n-Play generated make sees the Cuban engine's boiler and sides suffering from rust.

Despite an anticipated reasoning behind the rust attack relating to the Blue Mountain Mystery, the present Steamworks manager still beams a happy face.

Take-n-Play Rusty Victor from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide later this Autumn.

Thanks to TheIronEngine for the alert.


  1. If he's rusty, then he must of gained rust in being in the sea...

  2. I thought the Rusty Victor model was part of the new Flashback Set.