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Monday, 4 June 2012

Exclusive: Bachmann committed to Thomas for 2013

Bachmann Trains will continue the Thomas & Friends American model trains drive for at least another year.

Since Mattel succeeded in gaining the ownership to Hit Entertainment in October 2011, all of the merchandising lines for the brand survived in proceeding with more products for future producing, including freshers.
Bachmann, who isn't owned by Hit or indeed Mattel, had grown suspicions from certain followers if the manufacturer would resume the Thomas public model making.

Roll Along Thomas can deliver that the US chain shall return for more up to the next year of 2013 and for a possible continuation afterwards.

Not only will Bachmann Trains continue to manufacture Thomas and Friends products in 2013 and the foreseeable future, we will continue to add exciting new products every year.

We are so glad you all appreciate our products' quality, and we are very thankful for your support.

Thanks to SI3DFilms.


  1. Good to see that they're still making the models, wonder if Hornby would do the same?

  2. I really hope this means Bachmann can let us decide what can be made...
    I really wish they could start doing the Skarloey Railway Engines for the N Scale! And also make track where HO/OO track can cross the N Scale track! Then you could make a transfer yard set.

    1. Bachmann would never make any skarloey engines,Not even for N scale,Not even if they made HOn30 products.

    2. You again? Enough with your doubts already, you drive everyone mad about it.

    3. I know this has been a while now. But it is true. Bachmann will never make Skarloey engines.