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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nitrogen Studios' site revamps and adds Thomas notes

Canandian animation company and ex-Thomas & Friends associates, Nitrogen Studios have given their website an overhaul.

The Vancouver team, whose CGI expertise are given a big send off in their last Thomas production, Blue Mountain Mystery, details on the retrospective committed lifespan in a timelined page.
Starting from the penultimate tab on the 2007 section, the month of June is revealed to have kicked off Nitrogen's starting point on joining the series.

Catching up to the point of this year's 2012, March confirms the conlusion to their work, when in February, Arc Productions were announced as their successors to provide the CGI framework to the long running show.

A seperate page however comments on the 3D build of Thomas' original steam locomotive basis, relating to the unassumed contribution to Shane Acker's film produced poster, now rumoured for an apparent 2013 bill by IMDB.

1 comment:

  1. I really like their redesign, but it's a bit of a shame they got rid of the processes used to animate Sodor. And it's also a shame that they couldn't build Thomas like that E2, it's stunning