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Friday, 25 November 2011

Exclusive: Hit responds to 'All Star' removal and more

Two songs which were to be featured on the upcoming All Star Tracks CD for the UK and US have been cut out from the collection.

One track in question is Thomas, You're the Leader, which never made amazon.com's Sample grid on the product's page.
Speaking to SI3DFilms via an email, a respondent from Hit Entertainment had this unshared comment to say over the four minute song's removal.

I had a look on the US Amazon and it doesn’t look as if Thomas, You’re the Leader will be featured. Sorry to disappoint!

On further indication, amazon.com have revealed that Emily will not appear on the release and has instead been replaced by Season Nine's Night and Day.
The now ill-fated Eighth Season song was previously available on the above online market place with it's sample also published.

The full CD which runs over 35 minutes will now carry seventeen tracks rather than the originally billed eighteen. 

All Star Tracks hits CD shelves UK and US CD shelves on December 13th 2011.



  1. So HiT is basically saying; "If Amazon doesn't list it, it must not be true..."

    "HiT Entertainment, even we don't know what the hell we're releasing."

  2. Or the guy just doesn't have the full list. Last minute changes are no reason to insult them.

  3. @Junk the Guild lol, I agree. They MUST know what's on the CD. I mean, they commissioned it in the first place!

  4. I should point out the guy talked to is nothing more than a guy who responds to emails. He's not going to have a list like I said.

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  6. Seriously, you guys are mocking a company because of a guy who's only job is to respond to stuff didn't know the track list? That's pretty rude.

  7. I'm not that bothered about it. I have the songs on DVD and the Internet. I'm not bashing or anything, I'm not that bothered about it

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.