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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Previews of 'All Star Tracks' CD songs surface

amazon.com have published preview clips to the tracks going to be made available on the upcoming All Star Tracks CD.

Their Samples grid shows all of the songs' time durations, however, only two of them will come in their full three minute versions.

The two are What Makes an Engine Happy, also known as Responsibility and Harold.
The latter's full song can only be seen and heard on the Japanese DVD, たのしくうたおう♪きかんしゃトーマス ソング&ストーリー.

All of the other songs are confirmed to come in their shortened two minute forms, despite some of them having being released in full.

Strangely, Thomas, You're the Leader has been omitted from the Samples list. It is not known as to why the removal has occured and unknown if it shall be reinstated.

All Star Tracks hits CD shelves UK and US CD shelves on December 13th 2011.


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