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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Two new apps confirmed for the App Store

Another two apps are currently being developed with Hit Entertainment once again teaming up with Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

With Hero of the Rails and Misty Island Rescue proving successful on the App Store via iTunes, both the above companies will make similar entertainment with Day of the Diesels.
The 2011 special's version will utilise all the basic ideas that it's preceders had such as reading, listening, watching and playing.

Distancing away from the feature-length specials, Callaway and Hit are also making Engine Activities where the user can play with activities like painting, matching cards and completing puzzles.

Global Brand Management and Digital Media SVP of Hit Entertainment, Natasha Fishman told of the announcement.
We are thrilled to be expanding our Digital portfolio with Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Mike the Knight as well as enhancing our Thomas & Friends offering.

These exciting new apps and websites serve to further enrich and extend the overall brand experience we deliver to our audiences.

The Day of the Diesels app will be released this month while Engine Activities follows on in December, both on the App Store on iTunes. 


  1. Looking forward to getting those Apps, as I have an iPad and an iPhone!