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Monday, 24 October 2011

'Day of the Diesels' app goes on sale with special offer

The new Day of the Diesels app developed by Callway Digital Arts Inc. and Hit Entertainment is now available to buy.

The read along app which follows the same format as it's feature-length special preceders, Misty Island Rescue and Hero of the Rails, includes some notable comparisons between the book and the movie itself.
Keith Wickham narrates while only retaining his Percy voice when required. Soundbites from the characters are played out in the book a yellow signal is indicated in a selected spot.

iTunes are currently providing a special offer where for a limited time, you can purchase the app for £0.69 UK or $0.99 for the US. The price deduction is also available with the original Read-a-Long apps.

Starting up the app towards the main menu plays out a few seconds of movie's theme tune composed by Robert Hartshorne.
In the Puzzles area, four clips can be viewed after completing the puzzles whilst the Match cards activity includes more soundbites from the various engines

By going to the Paint section, six artworks are available to colour featuring Belle, Den, Flynn, Dart, Diesel 10 with Thomas and Percy leading to Watch where the special's Sing-a-Long music video is played out.

Callaway and Hit have both been confirmed to collaborate on another app due in December, Engine Activities.

The Day of the Diesels app is now available in the iTunes Store on iTunes for a limited price of £0.69 UK and $0.99 US for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.


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