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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Diesels back to Wooden and Flashback Victor explained

Online dedicated store, Totally Thomas have unfolded more on the reasoning of Flashback Victor.

Referred to as Victor Comes to Sodor, the pre Steamworks career of Victor is to be at a moments foreseen in Blue Mountain Mystery.

The Wooden Railway linked model recently had a detailed briefing by amazon.com. Totally Thomas have since picked it up for an extended analysis.
Before he came to Sodor, Victor was a very colorful little steam engine who worked the sugar plantations of Cuba.

He's still colorful, but the colors have changed considerably. He now works at the Sodor Steamworks helping to repair other steam engines.

Elsewhere, 'Arry and Bert have been brought back to the Learning Curve produced franchise with minor adjustments occuring on their respective modellings.
The demeaning allianced pair now have several impacts of weathering filled on their bodywork and cabs. The diesels' reborn synopsis talks about the two.

While they do work at the Sodor Ironworks, these two diesel twins are really two big doses of trouble.

Identical except for the additional stubble on Bert's face, the scheming twins made a bad impression early on by scheming to get some of the older steamies scrapped.

Wooden Railway Victor Comes to Sodor and 'Arry and Bert hit toy shelves worldwide now.


1 comment:

  1. Yes! Victor worked where I imagined he did before his Sodor days!