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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Original version of 'Roll Along' emerges from Nitrogen

A demo version of the Roll Along song from the Thirteenth Series has been heard in a new YouTube video.

The clip showcases some of Nitrogen Studios' CGI animation from their starting point in Hero of the Rails to the beginning of their end stint in Day of the Diesels.
In a surprise to many viewers already clocking up the video's view count, the audio enlists the first make of Roll Along to be listened to.

The never before heard sample uses an unknown female singer to perform the tune whilst an acoustic guitar is made out in several places.

A second creation starred Sam Blewitt featuring less variety in instruments is available to watch on Composer, Robert Hartshorne's website. The final version made use of more instrumental tagged onto it.

Returning to Nitrogen's showreel, clips sighted included slight extensions to scenes that in culmination, finished in fades.

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