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Thursday, 3 May 2012

'Thomas Story Library' returns once more as a collection

The axed Thomas Story Library book series is to be reprieved from cancellation, one more time.

Unsurprisingly, no new titles are to be made, but a collection of some of the stories used in the character line-up have been compiled for a compilation edition.

Thomas' Favourite Tales includes six exciting Thomas the Tank Engine stories, as evident on the hardcover's front.
Also seen is profile pictures of James, Thomas, Henry, Edward, Emily and Percy. The sextet are subjected to feature.

The definition tells; This title helps you to learn all about Thomas & the Steam Team in this treasury of stories! This collection features six splendid stories featuring Thomas and the unbeatable Steam Team!

It lets you journey through the Island of Sodor with these wonderfully vivid tales of Thomas, Edward, Percy, and other favourite engines.

From dangerous floods to exciting rescues, these specially selected stories are sure to be Really Useful for playtime and bedtime.

Thomas' Favourite Tales hits UK book shelves on September 3rd 2012.

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