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Sunday, 27 May 2012

'Blue Mountain's smaller stars arise in Take-n-Play land

Three characters starring taking the stride in Blue Mountain Mystery, the feature-length special are synced to be a Take-n-Play object.

For 2012 and the film, Rusty the Little Diesel, Luke the Green Engine and Winston the Track Inspection Vehicle have been duly sent off to participate in the year's range.
Newcomer, Luke who is the main subject of the story, appears to have a slight alteration to his toy model compared to the big screen doppelganger. A main difference is his funnel, which is seen much taller on projection.

The new generation, Rusty sees his modern grills show up on his framework. This too connects with his spinoff die-cast merchandise.

Winston lastly is eyed in a squatter entity, holding The Fat Controller onboard as the struggling driver.

Take-n-Play Rusty, Luke and Winston from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide in the Summer.


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