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Monday, 28 May 2012

'Sodor Blackout' comes back to haunt with TrackMaster

The mysterious, Sodor Blackout is returning in a third piece from Fisher Price's TrackMaster collection.

The UK's Smyths online toy shopping website is the next contender to reveal more on the forthcoming unknown type of production vehicle.

Sure to create a rip roar of enthusiasm and imagination among fans is the yet to be dated set, Lights Out on Sodor.
Thomas expectingly, subjects the mission whilst serving and nearing an unseen location, as the evaluation teases.

As Thomas chugs past the Sodor Electric Plant he accidentally knocks over the power lines, and the lights on Sodor are out! Help Thomas collect the coal to restore power.

Although linked with the name and product idea, Duck is mentioned in the quote, as is a fellow Classic Series team participant. Both are sold seperately. 

If a little extra help is needed, Duck and Harvey are available to deliver tools and supplies for the repair.

TrackMaster Lights Out on Sodor from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide later this year.


  1. Duck AND Harvey?! I'm loving Mattel owning HiT already!

    1. Same here! The future of Thomas looks bright!

  2. Oh yes, they really know how to make the fans happy.. ^^

  3. great job, i so hope duck is back and lights of sodor ep wow!