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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Exclusive: Sam Blewitt talks about new songs and more

Singer, Sam Blewitt has spoken to Roll Along Thomas about some of the tracks that he and close friend, composer, Robert Hartshorne have produced recently.

The latest music video which centered around Thomas and Percy's friendship was injected into a Season Sixteen half hour US broadcast this month. Blewitt has since confirmed that he lent his vocals to it.

Yes that's me. I was booked by Robert Hartshorne who writes and produces the music. The song was for a female vocal, but we tried it with me and it worked.
The Day of the Diesels artist shares a backstory on the tune; It was called Blue and Green. It had a working title of Thomas and Percy, Blue and Green. It's Thomas and Percy. Blue and Green must have been a working title.

Blewitt also detailed about Blue Mountain Mystery's subject song, appearing in the final act of the film.

I remember we recorded lots of versions of Blue Mountain Mystery though, until we were all happy with the sound and the lyric. The end result is very good.

Blue Mountain Mystery originally served as the working title for Quarry before the final version was realised; The song titles have a habit of changing titles as they move around the various departments at Hit. All good fun.
For the later part of 2012, Sam's voice returns in two new songs due to link before the start of Arc Productions' generation of Thomas. While the titles are confidential, Sam spilled the beans for future reference.

The latest songs we worked on were in January and February this year. Blue Mountain and another (two). I’m sure they’ll be released soon enough.

I’m not sure if (the two) are on the same episode or end up being the same song. I believe we have two or three more episodes to work on, but not sure when.

Since joining the show in 2009 for Hero of the Rails, the Go, Go Thomas! performer insighted on the past; As a singer, you always have ideas as the songs are being recorded. Now and again I will chip in with something.

I think I've recorded about nine songs, they're all very good. We do rip them apart and start again sometimes.
Elsewhere from Thomas land, Sam and Robert Hartshorne have been involved in a non-Thomas project, poised to hit cinemas in the coming years.

The duo, who have known each other since 2002, have already started work on the currently developed assignment.

We're recording a song for a UK/Chinese movie Robert has been working on for over a year now. And it's still in the early stages. Films take such a long time.

The working title is Twelve, something to do with the Chinese signs of the zodiac and calendar.

Don't quite get the story yet, that will no doubt change here and there, but it's a fantasy/thriller, good Vs. evil type of thing. Could be huge. The music so far is great.

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  1. I thought it would be called Thomas and Percy. I like the title Thomas and Percy, Blue and Green.

    Looking forward to the next music videos! :)