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Monday, 21 May 2012

Amazon delves into 'Blue Mountain' plot with Wooden

amazon has awoken further plot details aiding the Blue Mountain Mystery film via a Wooden Railway pair.

Two key highlights that are to be explored further in the sixth feature-length adventure focus on Rheneas and Victor.

The Repainted Rheneas Wooden and TrackMaster merchandises is now explained on amazon's American substitute site. The evaluation notes the name of a Blue Mountain Quarry bridge.
As he races over the Blondin' Bridge, it starts to crumble and collapses. Rheneas becomes derailed and shoots down the track. He has a few scrapes and scratches and needs to get a fresh coat of paint.

The yellow Victor Comes to Sodor or Flashback Victor idea, which has simultaneously been taking in a promising reception, is partly teased on the other hand.

This engine pack features the original Victor. Before Victor arrived on the Island of Sodor, he was a yellow spanish speaking engine.

Wooden Railway Repainted Rheneas and Victor Comes to Sodor hits toy shelves worldwide now.


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