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Saturday, 26 May 2012

'Curious Cargo' full specs and displays ready UK rollout

The mixed seasoned British DVD, Curious Cargo has been cleared for the upcoming middle of July public setting.

The title which makes contact with one Fourteenth and three Fifteenth Season episodes, applies the connection of animal based stories.

The upside and back display arts are ready for viewing pleasure on play.com, where the American equivalent cover style is retained.
Unlike its predecessor, the episode list returns on the reverse. Rescue on the Rails omitted this for unknown reasoning.

The summary delivers; All aboard for a wild ride on the Island of Sodor as Thomas and his engine friends deliver some Curious Cargo - from giraffes and cows to birds and bunnies and more!

Thomas meets a tall challenge while taking a giraffe to the Animal Park, Percy learns to be gentle with the animals of Sodor, and Belle and Toby discover the importance of listening to others. Join Thomas on his wildest adventures yet.

Done on the same day of play.com's update, the bbfc have since strived in adding the content that shall appear on the disc. The full specifications are as follows, below.
Episodes include;
Thomas' Tall Friend
Percy's New Friends
Toby and Bash
Big Belle

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins in Mr. Perkins Tidies Up
Down at the Station in Signalman
Guess Who? Puzzles

The activity puzzles presents Thomas and Rocky in one whilst Toby stars in another. Additionally, the release's title card and the Blue Mountain Mystery trailer proceed the disc when played.

Curious Cargo hits UK DVD shelves on July 16th 2012.

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