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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Season Sixteen's music video premieres in US broadcast

The Sixteenth Series' main song and music video emerged for the first time, in an American televised broadcast.

The half hour block entitled, Don't Give Up compiled the episodes Percy and the Calliope and Happy Birthday, Sir! for transmission on local PBS stations.

During which inbetween, the 73rd song, Thomas and Percy played out to viewers. It incorporated elements of pop, jazz and rock 'n' roll into the mix.
The music video was joined up using scenes from the Animated Series' lifespan, pre Blue Mountain Mystery.

It has so far already attracted mixed to negative reviews with many individuals praising the instrumental and backing vocals.

However the lyrics have been criticized for its use of formulaic repitition, the aged established relationship between Thomas and Percy and bringing the expected Steam Team routine into the final cut.

It is currently not known who vocally performs the tune, although theories have suggested that Sam Blewitt may have been involved as the lead.

Thanks to jeremycrispovideo for the alert.

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