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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Season Sixteen enters TrackMaster development phase

Three highlights from the most recent Thomas & Friends series will be re-imagined for the hands of followers using the TrackMaster franchise.

Now considered as one of Hit Entertainment's best introduced characters in the railway based adventures, Stafford the Electric Battery Engine has been made for the Fisher Price property.

Established in a more squatter version, Stafford's cab has been drastically flattened in order to meet the packaging's size requirements. However, a great number of detail pays attention to his body.
The Welcome Stafford star who ironically runs on batteries, connects with a blue van and a golden brown brakevan.

Salty who gained his third episode in Season Sixteen, reminisces one tall tale he improvised, with the Green Salty pack.
Instead of carrying the story through as a singular party, the Brendam Docks diesel takes work duties using a red open truck and a blue van holding fish.

Concluding the season's toy tie-in is the return of the essential Thomas with Annie and Clarabel. Using the re-modelling of Thomas' face, the faithful coaches however retain their original face designs.

TrackMaster Stafford, Green Salty and Thomas with Annie and Clarabel from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide soon.



  1. It's about time Thomas comes with Annie and Clarabel. Why they couldn't just do that from the start of their range is anyone's guess

  2. Trackmaster T with A & C is part of the Greatest Moments series...