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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fresh TrackMaster and Plarail products take place

Sets linking Fisher Price TrackMaster and Tomy Plarail are to be liberated to the worldwide public later this year.

Starting with Japan, Belle the Brass Tank Engine is joining the Plarail system. Her model differs slightly from the TrackMaster perception, notably the height on her bufferbeam.

Belle's produce has included the original rolling stocks of the Tar Wagon and the Sodor Fuel Tanker. It coincides with her introduction to the Japanese for the translated forms of Day of the Diesels, Season Fifteen and Sixteen.
Two coming to the TrackMaster franchise meanwhile for the worldwide audience is first, Peter Sam's Blue Mountain Supplies.

Although not convincing from an unknown blurry scanned image, Peter Sam is linked with a Blue Mountain Quarry truck and an action track that can launch crates out of his load.

More so is the Repainted Rheneas who stars in Rheneas' New Coat of Paint. The still up in the air toy is accompanied by two of the quarry's trucks. Both are concieved to be plot elements for Blue Mountain Mystery.
With Risky Rails Bridge Drop and the Take-n-Play, The Great Quarry Drop both seen at the 2011 New York Toy Fair, one trio contained property is uncertain for the future.

Named, Toby's Electric Co. Delivery, Toby and two never before seen types of vans are sparking speculation for either being a completely original set or a possible episodic plot lead.

The only hint on the exclusive to Target packaging tags the following text and logo; Sodor Blackout.

The new TrackMaster and Plarail sets from Fisher Price and Tomy respectively hit toy shelves worldwide soon.


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