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Monday, 21 May 2012

'Gordon and Ferdinand' story spins off to Take-n-Play

Ferdinand the Logging Loco Climax is the centre of attention in a Take-n-Play TV Series adapted package.

Taken for inspirational use, Muddy Ferdinand bases itself on the Season Fifteen starter episode, Gordon and Ferdinand.
Partly due to limited spacing and packaging, Gordon is omitted and a slight plot departure leads to the product to focus on Ferdinand more.

However, the Misty Island steam engine is covered in minor debris, hauls The Lion of Sodor statue and brings in a supply load of Jobi Logs.

The item's explanation quotes; Ferdinand is covered with oil and soot from old Wheezy crane, his tender, and two cargo cars for pulling the Jobi logs from Misty Island.

Take-n-Play Muddy Ferdinand from Fisher Price hits toy shelves worldwide now.

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