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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'Hero of the Rails' renewed as digital download in Oz

2009's first foray into repleted CGI animation, Hero of the Rails has summed up a place on Australia's iTunes program.

The cinematic television series produce was reckoned with Apple's media player store on the concluding day of April.

In its whole near one hour identification, Nitrogen Studios' premiere Thomas episode can be bought for $9.99.
The summary speaks; See and hear Thomas and his friends brought to life like never before! In a daring race with boastful Spencer, Thomas discovers an abandoned engine called Hiro who comes from a far off place.

Fearing he’ll be scrapped, Thomas enlists his trusty friends to help rescue him. But will sneaky Spencer foil their plans?

Jump on board for adventure and excitement in Thomas’ greatest adventure yet ‘Hero of the Rails’ and meet new friends Hiro, Victor and Kevin!

Hero of the Rails: The Movie is available to purchase on DVD and on iTunes in Australia for $9.99.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.

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