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Monday, 21 November 2011

Exclusive: milkshake! on Season Sixteen and DOTD

Since the airing finished of Season Fifteen in the UK, fans have been speculating over when Season Sixteen would come to fruition.

Somehow billed for a September to October airing, this was then predicted for a Winter airdate till the now currently thought Spring broadcast.

milkshake! have since responded to this in the form of an email sent by SteamTeam, with a short answer.
At this time we have no plans to show a new series of Thomas. There are 13 series of Thomas which we slowly work through! 

Nitrogen Studios in September of this year confirmed that animation was to have concluded on the next series.

However, in preparation of it's unknown release and for 2011's end, milkshake have confirmed the non-terrestrial debut airing of a Thomas TV product; Over the Christmas period we will be showing the new film 'Day of the Diesels'!

Day of the Diesels will be shown on five's milkshake slot this Christmas with Season Sixteen is currently slated to air in the UK, Spring 2012.


  1. So basically the news is that there's still no news on when Series 16 is due to air?

  2. Spring 2012....

    DOTD gets it right for the UK, The TV broadcast coming AFTER the DVD release, lets hope the US gets this right next year...

  3. Well... We just have to wait and see when Season 16 gets on the air. Though I can wait for it.

  4. who else is coming back, besides the narrow gauge engines and is there a promo of the skarloey engines in CGI.

  5. I officially declare that until March I will not say another word about Season 16 not being here.

  6. @Anonymous - They haven't announced any character comebacks and they don't have a CGI promo of the Skarloey engines.

  7. @Bram, no offence, but I don't think you should be saying anything about it ever. It will air when it airs, and no amount of complaining and moaning will change when it airs.

  8. ...Don't they mean 15 series' to work through? :P

    Anyways, that's kind of a bummer. Oh well.
    Let's hope it's a good quality series though, for the amount of time we will wait. Imagine if we'd had to wait a year just to see Series 15 :P

  9. 0_0 I am a n00b and wat is this?

    Jokes aside though, I imagine it'll air Spring next year. Personally I'm pleased we have a short break, two seasons and a special a year for me is overkill.

  10. "...Don't they mean 15 series' to work through? :P"

    8 would have been the correct answer. They screen Series 8-15 continuously, but they've never shown Series 1-7. Don't think they even have the rights to the earlier stuff.

    Clearly the reply has come from an office drone at milkshake who doesn't have a clue what they're talking about, so I'm taking it with a pinch of salt.

  11. CharlieTheFunEngine1423 November 2011 at 05:45

    I honestly don't think Season 16 will air until after Blue Mountain Mystery is released. The TV seasons and the specials need to be synchronized again. Season 15 got the seasons ahead of the specials, storyline-wise. As Season 15 is set AFTER DOTD, shouldn't Season 16 be set AFTER BMM?

  12. @CharlieTheFunEngine I see your point, but I don't think Hit would wait that long for new episodes to air, because what would they do to keep fans occupied from now until September or October 2012 (probably the time Blue Mountain Mystery will be released)?

    I guess patience is all we can have for now for these new episodes, and I'm hoping the wait is well worth it.