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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Updated roundup on 2012 UK DVD's

With the exciting news that the UK were to be given five new DVD's for the early part of 2012, amazon.co.uk have now updated each of their pages.

Additional information on the five of them are available to view which relate to each of their releases' descriptions.

With no as of yet confirmation on the three other episodes pending to be included on the Thomas in Charge! DVD, a synopsis of it has emerged for the online retailer.
Thomas is back in these exciting engine-packed adventures! Thomas and his friends are preparing for the Railway Inspector's visit to Knapford Station.

But when the coal trucks crash covering Gordon in soot, can Thomas take charge and help straighten out the mess? Find out as Thomas charges full steam ahead into fun! 

British fans will be given more joy as The Best of James and The Best of Percy titles will indeed hold selected episodes from the TV Series' lifespan.

Best of James;Over the years Thomas has been joined by his friend, cheeky red engine James! James is the No.5 member of The Fat Controller's railway,has a fine scarlet coat and thinks of himself as a Really Splendid Engine.
To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and James, we have put together 20 fantastic Percy episodes, from the classic live action to the all new animation. Bust my buffers it's James! 

The Best of Percy; Over the years Thomas has been joined by his best friend, the small green engine Percy! Percy is the No. 6 member of The Fat Controller's railway and his favourite job is delivering the mail.

To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Percy, we have put together 20 fantastic Percy episodes, from the classic live action to the all new animation. Peep Peep it's Percy! 
The highly anticipated return of The Complete Series releases continues with The Complete Series 13 with it's official synopsis written up.

Thomas and his friends return in Series 13 for more fun on the rails. For the first time ever, all 20 episodes featuring the latest CGI animation and talking engines are available on one DVD!

Join Thomas and the Really Useful crew for exciting adventures with mischievous bees, a runaway kite, a 'Bubble Show' and a case of mistaken identity. Introducing new friends Charlie, Hiro, Victor & Kevin! 
Finally Up, Up and Away!'s episodes have been fully confirmed which could see it's move on the US release. The four added are considered some of the most underappreciated episodes that the series has seen. 

Thomas and his friends reach new heights in this high-flying adventure!  Thomas and Percy have a special job to do as they try and try again to bring balloons to Mr. Bubbles' Big Balloon Show. 

At the Children's Steam Fair, Emily learns there are great rewards - and laughs - in helping others; Kevin tries his hook at Hide and Peep, and Thomas has a wonky whistle!  Up, up and away for fun and adventure! 
Episodes include;
Up, Up and Away!
Emily and Dash
Kevin the Steamie
Wonky Whistle

The five home video titles for next year will hit UK DVD shelves starting from January 23rd 2012.

Release schedule;
Thomas in Charge!, January 23rd 2012.
The Best of James, February 6th 2012.
The Best of Percy, February 6th 2012.
The Complete Series 13, February 13th 2012.
Up, Up and Away!, March 19th 2012.



  1. Ugh, I loathed all of the episodes on the "Up, up and away!" DVD because of a few reasons:

    Up, up and away!: The severe lack of realism and stupidity of Thomas made me laugh.

    Emily and Dash: Because Emily just left Dash on the Main Line.

    Kevin the Steamie: WHAT'S THE MORAL OF THE STORY?!

    Wonky Whistle you might ask? *throws up in a paper bag*

  2. I'll might get 'Up, Up and Away' depends on my interest (but mainly I buy CGI DVDs because of the animation) I have to say 'Kevin The Steamie' was an OK episode for me, despite Kevin being a total klutz around the Steamworks. 'Up, Up and Away' and 'Wonky Whistle'... Same reason from other fans. 'Emily and Dash' - Great to see Charlie having a BR-equse whistle and of course... TREVOR!!

  3. The Best of James and Percy UK dvds sound very promising, so there's a strong possibility that episodes from the 1st three series could be restored.


  4. "Emily and Dash" was pretty good, but I hate the other three.