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Friday, 11 November 2011

Daily Record Thomas DVD's giveaway begins

The Scottish newspaper, Daily Record today have begun sending the first of their Thomas & Friends promo DVD's to the public.

Unknowingly, the order for the titles are differed, as seen on the chain's website banner, compared to the bbfc's reference codes.

By purchasing your copy of the day's newspaper, a token is available inside to redeem the specially selected title which can be claimed in either of these Scottish shops; McColl's, RS McColl's and Nisa.
Only those of the Scotland public will be able to claim the DVD's whilst the British and Irish population who want the chance to own them will have to wait until copies on ebay surface.

You Can Do It, Toby! & Three Cheers for Thomas has been reported to have been available for the November 9th 2011 paper.

The Daily Record's free second Thomas & Friends DVD is available in today's Friday November 11th 2011 newspaper and will continue with the last five from this coming Monday to Friday.

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