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Friday, 25 November 2011

Dash leaves twin Bash again for TrackMaster

Dash the Logging Twin Engine will star in a new set from Fisher Price's TrackMaster series, set in a part of Misty Island.

The Zip-Line Bridge which has to date only been seen in two Thomas TV products; Misty Island Rescue and Jumping Jobi Wood!, is involved in the set.
Named Dash at the Zip-Line Bridge, the TrackMaster item was first found on an auction on ebay.

Bash, his twin doesn't feature which comes just a few days after Hit Entertainment published Dash's Guess Who? puzzle clip on YouTube, leaving out his accomplice once again.

Dash at the Zip-Line Bridge arrives in stores worldwide soon.

Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.


  1. So it's basically the Zip-Line Bridge by itself with, Dash thrown in.

  2. It is obviously the 'Thomas and the Zip-Line Bridge' set with, as what Junk The Guild says, with Dash thrown into it :P

  3. Well it's better than another Thomas model. They throw him into every freaking set they can possibly get him in.

  4. CharlieTheFunEngine1427 November 2011 at 00:00

    @ TheHunsletWDO-6-OST - Agreed. It'd be great to see a different engine in every TrackMaster set.