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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lady and the lamp props up on ebay

Three little minature props used for the New Series era have surfaced for sale via ebay.co.uk.

Used for the non-minature close ups on camera, the items come from an episode or two which cannot be made out or verified.
sithcollector who is selling the props explains their description; This is an original set of props from the classic TV series. Consisting of lady passenger, suitcase and lamp.

The lady is approx. 5cm tall, the lamp 2cm and the suitcase 2cm. Beautifully crafted model miniatures. Complete with COA from The Propstore Of London. Just the props will be sent, not the glass frame.

Various other props from the series are still available to purchase on the Prop Store's website in London.

Thanks to CPK for the alert.


  1. I feel it should really be put in a museum or on the layout at Drayton MannorI'm sure within how populaur Thomas is, some museums somewhere would take some of the models, but maybe I'm wrong.

  2. @Anonymous the National Railway Museum might, but then there IS Thomas Land, so they could've been put there.