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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Press release by Hit shows full 'Curious Cargo'

Hit Entertainment's Press room website has reconfirmed some of the content due to feature in the US Curious Cargo DVD.

Along with the three episodes due to be shown to the home video market, Hit have since played down speculation over the inclusion of the James in the Dark episode.
Toby and Bash, the second episode in the Fifteenth Series and also the second of The Logging Locos trilogy is the third that will be watched on the DVD.

Episodes recap;
Thomas' Tall Friend
Percy's New Friends
Toby and Bash
Big Belle
Furthermore, Engine Driver, Mr. Perkins makes yet another comeback for more show and tell interaction as part of the extras while Buzzy Bees becomes another On Demand addition.

Curious Cargo hits US DVD shelves and on Digital Download and On Demand on January 17th 2012.


  1. Surly HiT can pick another episode than just Buzzy Bees

  2. This DVD just gets worse and worse...

  3. why is james in the dark replaced with toby and bash, cant they release some episode as bonus and what happened to the episodes from seasons 10 and 11.

  4. Well look, a DVD is just a DVD and yes they're crap episodes, but I'm still going to buy it just for the animation.

  5. James in the Dark was released on a HiT Favorites DVD back in May, so naturally they weren't going to release it twice on another DVD. This just means you'll be seeing a Season 15 episode moved to a future HiT DVD to offset the uneven number of Season 15 episodes on DVD.

  6. Doggone it!
    I hoped they'd release the Logging Locos trilogy together!

  7. @The second Anonymous - Until we wait for the Season 13-15 DVD compilations, they will have ALL the episodes on it.

  8. I say we boycot this release!

  9. @The third Anonymous - That is the dumbest idea ever. Boycott a DVD release which is really for kids. Honestly what will be accomplished? There are other important things in this world then boycotting a children's DVD that is just pathetic. If you don't like the DVD, why don't you just not buy it!

  10. It is really upsetting that they couldn't release the Logging Locos trilogy together. Sadly, the fans can't choose which episodes go on the DVD's.