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Monday, 7 November 2011

Confirmed: Sixth feature-length special named for 2012

A sixth feature-length special is on it's way which has been confirmed by an online magazine.

The magazine known as Toy World includes an article on upcoming projects from Hit Entertainment, one of which is Thomas related.
A quote reads; Hit Entertainment will be highlighting a number of key Pre-School brands, including number one global Pre-School brand Thomas & Friends.

The following confirms the title of the next special; The highlight of 2012 is the release of the Thomas & Friends direct to DVD special the Blue Mountain Mystery.
On the subject of tie-ins, Toy World reports; The biggest ever tent pole release with the greatest ever number of licensees on board, producing themed products to help create major impact at retail.

Eagle eyed fans may notice that the words Blue Mountain can be traced back to Thomas Land's new ride which has the Narrow Gauge Engines but however is not confirmed as of yet as to what the special will focus on and who.

Blue Mountain Mystery is expected sometime in 2012 after the airing of the Sixteenth Series in the UK and worldwide, now slated for a Spring broadcast.

Thanks to the Simon and the SiF team for the alert.


  1. I wondered why there was so much connection between "Blue Mountain Adventure" and the narrow gauge engines!
    So Season 16 isn't due until Spring now?
    That makes me less impatient for it now.

  2. @Bram - you must know that patience is virtue and Season 16 would have to wait.

  3. I just hope "Blue Mountain" isn't the new name for the Skarloey Railway...

    As for Series 16, I couldn't be bothered about it. It'll be the same old, same old that fans have had to suffer since Series 13...

    Bottom line: roll on Series 17, when we'll see the REAL changes

  4. i hope the other special for next year, pertaining to the king will come out, i insist there be 2 specials.

  5. @ThomasPercyandToby I hadn't thought of "Blue Mountain" being the new name for the Skarloey Railway, but I also hope that isn't the case.

  6. @Anonymous - If they say there are two specials, they would've confirmed that by now.

  7. A special possibly focusing on the narrow gauge engines? (GIR voice) FINALLY!!!!!! EH-HEHEHEHEHEHEEE!!!! *explosion*

  8. Blue Mountain, huh? Makes me think of a real street name in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Hopefully it will be a good special.

  9. considering the Skarloey railway is never referred to by that name in the TV series anyway, I could care less what they call it as long as it comes back as expected. i'm still holding out hope for a S16 release in December, but at least now I have this to also look ahead to.

  10. I'm fairly certain that this will be focusing on the mountain engines, and introduce a number of new characters as the mystery of the mountain.

    I assume it is the NG engines as the SiF blog has an image on their annoucement of Skarloey and Rusty with the caption 'Blue Mountain Buddies' beneath it. If that's not surrounded by flashing lights saying BIG HINT then I don't know what is...
    Nonetheless, I look forward to the official announcement of this from HiT, detailling the lose storyline of the special....

  11. @Anon How can ONE (fanmade) BANNER assume ANYTHING? Rather than even trying to assume ANYTHING at this point, why don't you just wait until HIT actually says something about it?!

  12. CharlieTheFunEngine149 November 2011 at 06:26

    @ThomasPercyandToby, I'm with Anonymous on this one. SiF says they've known the name of this special for a while and I can't recall a time they've mislead us.

  13. Aside from the RWS 42 Character...

    But yes, SiF are always given heads up on things like this, so why would they have made that banner like that if they didn't believe that to be the case?
    As I said, it is only an assumption- I am NOT saying that it is definate, but am judging on the face evidence.

  14. @TPaT Maybe they know about the special a bit more than us..........

  15. CharlieTheFunEngine1410 November 2011 at 05:43

    Agreed. I'm sure that SiF know more than they are letting on. I've wanted a Skarloey Railway movie for a long time and this might just be it...