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Sunday, 13 November 2011

New songs CD announced for Christmas release

A brand new CD featuring a mixture of songs from the New and Animation series' is due for December.

With a total of eighteen songs added, All Star Tracks is certain to be one of the presents due on Thomas fan's Christmas wish lists.
Five of the tracks come from the Eighth Season followed by two from the Ninth, three from the Tenth and seven of the eight different genre's from the Animated and The Great Discovery.

The description reads; The all-new CD release from Thomas & Friends, the #1 Preschool property, features new songs from the latest DVD titles, Day of the Diesels and Misty Island Rescue...

As well as never before released music from the popular television series, including the theme songs, 'Roll Call,' and 'Go, Go Thomas.'.
Songs include;
Go, Go Thomas
Roll Call (Engine Roll Call)
Roll Along
Thomas, You're the Leader
Every Day's a Special Day
Doing it Right
Gordon (Ode to Gordon)
Misty  Island Rescue
Sir Topham Hatt's Song (UK Title: The Fat Controller Song)
Old and New
What Makes an Engine Happy (Responsibility)
Hear the Engines Coming
Day of the Diesels
All songs are expected to be in their full length versions rather than their reduced two minute forms. A few of the songs have not been given their proper titles which are noted on the above list.

The CD which is originally for the US is successfully imported for the British with both release dates occuring at the same time. It is produced by label Red General Catalog.

All Star Tracks hits CD shelves UK and US CD shelves on December 13th 2011.


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