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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Nitrogen talk feature-length special's title sequences

Nitrogen Studios who are responsible for the CGI animation in the present era of Thomas & Friends have showcased a video.

The video which appears on their YouTube Channel, NitrogenAnimation shows the uncut version of the Day of the Diesels title sequence.

The intro which includes an extra second of frames added to the beginning runs slightly off sync which indicates it's full form.
In the description, Nitrogen details on the sequence's art and notable theme.

For this one, we wanted to highlight a few of the newer engines introduced in the movie and give a nod to the adversarial relationship of the Steamies vs. the Diesels.

The Canadian based company also comment's on the future of the next string of films' titles; We aim to give all of our Thomas and Friends movies a unique and distinct style for the opening credits.

From it's original cut, the special's intro can be seen in full 1080p HD which also appears as the film is, on it's available Blu Ray releases.

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