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Friday, 4 November 2011

Mail heads back to Bachmann depot for refurbishment

Bachmann are to re-release the Mail Coach for their Thomas HO scale range, but to link with the current look of the TV Series.

The most noticable change on the 2011 model, photographed by SkarloeyRailway01, is the envelope with wings logo replacing the original Sodor Mail text.
This of course has been done with the show since the animated series began in 2009 with Hero of the Rails up to the present.

Also affected is the Oil Tanker which is being drawn out by the model maker company too. As fans may have guessed, the text is gone with an logo taking it's place.

It is not currently known as to when both shall be issued out to hobby stores, although the Oil Tanker has been billed for a November release.

Bachmann's 2011 Mail Coach rolls into hobby and model shops worldwide soon.


  1. I've wanted more mail vans, and these new designs have provided the perfect excuse to get some more. On a little side note, the oil tanker has gone through the same change

  2. Hasn't the redesigned oil tanker been out for a while?
    And I was thinking the same as ThomasandPercyandToby, an excuse to get another mail car!
    I don't really like these CGI changes. Not because they're removing what I grew up with (though that is a factor)but more because the chances of Duck being Bachmann's next engine are getting smaller and smaller.

  3. @Bram How? They made Donald and Douglas, didn't they? What makes you think Duck won't be next?

  4. I don't really care about Bachmann making these CGI changes, they're just getting on with the times with the new CGI. There are children getting into railway modeling through Thomas. It happened to me when I was young.

  5. @ThomasPercyandToby That is true; they did make Donald & Douglas. I guess there still is some hope.
    One of the things that weakens my hopes is the Hero of the Scales blogpost "Day of the Diesel Design Drama."

  6. @Bram Again, how does that weaken hopes? As I said, Donald and Douglas have been made, so why not Duck? They were built to the specification of their latest appearances (Series 12), so there's nothing stopping them doing the same with Duck.

    If he isn't released, it's because fans are so pessimistic about the idea and blaming everything on the CGI makeover. If people actually make themselves heard, Duck WILL be made.