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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

H&A grants Sodor more toiletry sell opportunities

Company H&A will be making more toiletry products with Thomas & Friends for the UK.

They will make such items for example, the bathroom department, to broaden the brand to newer merchandising levels.

Managing Director of H&A, Angela Hall told of the plan; We were approached to take on the license and produce the range due to our on-going success within the pre-school toiletries market.
We have proven our expertise in this sector with our highly successful Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo and Disney Princess ranges and we look forward to working with retailers to continue to meet consumer demand in this area.

Her following comment also reconfirmed the upcoming new theatrical film's current release date.

The brand continues to engage consumers with the Thomas & Friends TV show and with a second movie planned in 2014, we expect popularity to continue to grow.

We are confident that we can reinvigorate its place with the toiletries sector with an exciting new product and a creative approach.

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