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Friday, 11 November 2011

Galliers shows off arty unseen treasures

Rob Gauld-Galliers who served as Art Director for Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends for Season One to Six and Thomas & Friends for Seven has presented some interesting imagery from behind-the-scenes.

Galliers who also worked on the Jack and the Pack spinoff shows during his last stint on the whole show and the above was responsible for some of certain character's looks.
His first image shows concept art for Spencer with the next being Nelson and Oliver from The Pack. One showing Max has been seen before via the Official Thomas & Friends Japanese Website a few years back.

A storyboard later includes drawings for The Viaduct set incorporating Thomas and three coaches. Afterwards a photo of a sunset backdrop with Galliers present by it at Shepperton Studios can be seen.
Interesting to note, concept art shows a proposed equivalent to Nelson the Transporter with Nigel the Transporter.

Nigel is now being identified by fans as one of The Pack members, a twin or brother to Nelson and a supposed replacement.

However, Nigel never made it to the model stage and the series as he was dropped for reasons of uninvolvement. He is painted green with red and white linings and cream coloured yellow around his base.
Moving on, Robert gives fans more sightings with more art, this time for Japan's Thomas Land theme park with a Water Mill attraction. A note by it reveals; Tiger Moth left out for clarity.

Finally a storyboard presentation for scenes from Season Five's finale episode, Rusty and the Boulder is revealed.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.


  1. I asked Rob Gauld Galliers about Nigel and his answer can be seen on Nigel's wikia page. He was basically dropped because he wasn't needed.

  2. I have to say Rob Gauld Galliers Spencer look so realistic, more like he was a RWS series character.

  3. you left out that, along with the water mill design, he also designed Mrs. Kyndley's Cottage for Thomas Land in Japan.

  4. SIFs troublsome truck said that he has an fansite interview in the works with Rob for the passed 3 yrs and its almost done.