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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tesco marks alterations with 'Winter Wish'

Tesco Entertainment have now relisted the almost ill-fated Merry Winter Wish DVD for British audiences on their website.

After the controversary surroundings that was the Winter holidays debate, the Season Fourteen release is slowly evading attention from the arguments.
Tesco have renamed the title as Merry Christmas Wish which has currently not affected the front cover.

The extras have been reconfirmed along with a supposed revised release date for a November release for 2012 instead of October.

Other websites have yet to follow the date change from it's original October 29th 2012 send out

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.


  1. I highly doubt anything about it will change. Besides, these DVDs are rip-offs, I won't buy another

  2. I think the title will just change and not the original episodes that are with it. Besides even though they say 'Winter Holidays' in the episodes, it's still Christmas specials to me. But I still think they should put 'Merry Christmas' in future episodes, maybe they will about Season 16 or 17.

  3. CharlieTheFunEngine1418 November 2011 at 06:02

    @ ThomasPercyandToby, by "these DVDs" I assume you mean DVDs that aren't whole seasons?

  4. I wish they'd have gotten at least one DVD out for Christmas instead of bunching them all up!

    I actually do think that they will rename it to be honest.

  5. @CharlieTheFunEngine14 Correct. I have bought a lot of the DVDs without, really, any care in the world. But that was before I saw comments and reviews on Amazon's UK page saying the kids prefer those (Complete collection) DVDs because there are more episodes on them, and the parents think they (Complete Collection) are better value for money. Then I saw that some of the SIF admin (on the forum) that THEY had stopped buying DVDs like this for the same reason. Reading that, I did the sums, and it's shocking how much they rip us off.

    If you buy the DVDs online at £8, ones like these cost £2 an episode! The Complete Series 12 cost 40p an episode.

  6. CharlieTheFunEngine1419 November 2011 at 03:19

    @ ThomasPercyandToby - I understand. DVDs without whole seasons are just not worth it. The only DVDs I have other than complete seasons, TATMRR and the feature length specials are Peep Peep Hurray, Songs From Sodor and Merry Winter wish (I am in Australia).

  7. I have some CGI DVDs from the UK with four episodes and I'm fine with it. I just like them because of the animation. But I do prefer getting the complete season collection sets, but us Aussies are lucky (not trying to be pompous here) we get CGI DVDs with two extra episodes that the UK didn't get on pervious DVDs mainly 'Splish, Splash Splosh' and 'Merry Winter Wish'.