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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Third 2011 Series DVD confirmed by Fisher Price products

A fourth DVD release containing episodes from the Fifteenth Season has been revealed via a recent product.

A new Take-n-Play set by Fisher Price called Thomas at the Fair is based on the negatively appreciated episode, Wonky Whistle.
On it's packaging at the top, a logo reads; As Seen on DVD. Below it confirms the newest home video title for the US; Up, Up & Away!

YouTube user SteamTeam has spotted that a previous product by the TrackMaster series has the same logo included too. The product in question is Up, Up & Away Percy.
The DVD expected for next year is already noted to have the above mentioned episodes although has not been officially confirmed by any online stockists or press releases.

Aside from it, the Thomas and the Fair set includes a model of Thomas, a yellow open truck with Katie, Farmer McColl's dog, a flatbed with some ducks and a blue open truck with McColl's cow. 

Up, Up & Away! is coming soon to US DVD shelves.



  2. If only Percy's New Friends were lumped in onto this new DVD, then it gives people a reason to pass up this release even more.