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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Up, up you go, go Percy to tracking

Another Greatest Moments package from TrackMaster will be on it's way to stores where Percy will lead the set.

Up, Up & Away Percy based on the underrated Up, Up and Away episode from the Fifteenth Season is joining the special lineup series.
It comes with a TrackMaster model of Percy accompained by a flatbed carrying a differing version of The Red Balloon.

Along with it is a van dressed in purple with Mr. Bubble's trademark symbol on each of the sides.

TrackMaster's Up, Up & Away Percy is available in stores worldwide soon.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.


  1. Awful moment from one of the worst ever episodes. Fans can think of LOADS of Greatest Moments from the series without even trying! It's as though they're basing episodes on the toys these days...

  2. I'm sorry, but there are way more better moments then this episode, there was Gordon falling down the ditch, Thomas having a fish in his tanks, Thomas and Bertie having a race, they could make a set with that, Henry and the Flying Kipper, Terence rescuing Thomas from a snow drift and so on.

    They may as well focus on the younger generation of Thomas fans, but why can't Mattel and Fisher Price show the younger kids some of the older Thomas moments? Maybe one day.

  3. Greatest moments... What a joke. Thankfully it isn't Wonky Whistle though.