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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cargo unloaded for DVD roll out in 2012

The American fans will be getting even more ahead with the animated series DVD's by recieving Curious Cargo.

Unveiled by DVDEmpire.com, the forthcoming release by Lionsgate Entertainment shall contain a mixed bag of the modern animal themed episodes.
Three out of four of the episodes have been confirmed via it's description while the fourth remains to be seen.

The DVD's description reads; All aboard for a wild ride on the Island of Sodor as Thomas and his engine friends deliver some Curious Cargo from giraffes and cows to birds and bunnies and more! 

Thomas meets a tall challenge while taking a giraffe to the Sodor Wildlife Center, Percy learns to be gentle with the animals of Sodor, and Belle and Toby discover the importance of listening to others. 
Episodes confirmed;
Thomas' Tall Friend
Percy's New Friends
Big Belle 
With one from the Fourteenth Season and two from the Fifteenth, extras have yet to be finalised for reveal for the title.
Curious Cargo hits US DVD shelves on January 17th 2012.


  1. These DVD titles are starting to follow the repetative drivel from the series... These DVDs are a waste of money, so even if it comes to Britain, I won't be getting it.

  2. i thought u buyd all the dvds chris?

  3. I don't really mind the four episodes on the DVDs these days, even though its four, kids still like to get them and I have a little collection of CGI Thomas DVDs from the UK.

  4. List of episodes for Curious Cargo DVD:
    1. Thomas´tall friend
    2.James in the dark
    3.Percy´s new friends
    4.Big Belle

    It will also include
    "Find what doesn´t belong"-Game
    "Determination"-Karaoke music video

  5. My Reaction;
    Thomas' Tall Friend: It's an okay episode.
    Percy's New Friends: Burn it! Burn it now!
    Big Belle: Meh.