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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Steam and Diesel get fully loaded for special magazine

The United Kingdom's Thomas & Friends magazine series have published a special packed edition issue.

With Gordon and Thomas as the main stars on the front cover, the magazine which has been subtitled Full Steam Ahead has alot to offer.
Coming with it is a small toy Circus Set with Thomas, a Thomas Story Library book on the back with either Neville or Caroline's chosen, Toys R Us' Thomas catalogue and a copy of The Ultimate Diesel Guide.

The Diesel book only available at Days Out With Thomas events can alternatively be viewed on the Official Thomas & Friends Website.
The 626th issue has the Story, Steamy Sodor, the latest profiler in Meet Gordon, a Duty Calls poster with Harold, Day of the Diesels adverts, a Bedtime Story with Daisy, Salty, Bill and Ben in Taking a Break and more.

The Full Steam Ahead magazine is available now in UK retailers until November 8th 2011 for £3.99.


  1. £3.99?! These magazines are getting more and more expensive! Ahh well, at least the goodies that come with it are worth the money.

  2. Mine didn't have the Toys R Us catalogue or the Diesel Guide...