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Monday, 24 October 2011

Russell Means recovering from cancer condition

Thomas and the Magic Railroad's, Billy Twofeathers alias Russell Means has been assuring the world that he is on his way to beating cancer completely.

The actor and activist has been praying and recieving treatment from his condition including drinking teas from the Indian market, all of which have cost $1000 a day.
Means also revealed via The Daily Republic a further insight has to what he encountered during his deterioration which has since transformed into healing.

The Daily Republic reports that, his throat was almost completely blocked by a massive tumor and he could not talk or eat and had trouble breathing. He was given days to live, he said. But now, he is feeling stronger every day.

During a call from his home, Russell has vowed to carry on with the battle with a notable quote being said for his so far road to win; I’m doing much better. 

Thanks to Troublesome Truck for the alert.

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