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Monday, 31 October 2011

Thomas to make a noisy story with book

For the British, amazon.co.uk have published details on a new type of book for mid 2012.

Thomas' Noisy Story! A Rhyming Story to Share is the next board book in line for next year where rhymes and noises are essentially made for it.

The description reads; Young children will love joining in and making the Toot!, Beep!, Whoosh!, Peep!, Vroom! and Shhh! noises when you share this rhyming story about Thomas and his friends.
The sturdy board format is perfect for young children to handle themselves. The pictures contain favourite characters and plenty of detail, so there are lots of things for you and your child to look at and to talk about together. 

Independent charity organisation Booktrust have already posted their review in short, reccomended by amazon; Stories with rhyme, rhythm and repetition help to develop reading skills. They are also great for sharing! 

Thomas' Noisy Story! A Rhyming Story to Share hits UK book shelves on May 8th 2012.


  1. Yay, Doctor Seuss the Tank Engine has made it in book form(!)

  2. Is it written by Sharon Miller perhaps(!) XD

  3. Oh please, rhyming books have been around in Thomas for years. I have at least three dating from early 2000.

  4. @Anonymous - Yes but with the recent series' writing by Sharon Miller, it is repetitive and annoying and I think a lot of the fans know about the rhyming books in Thomas since the 2000's.