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Monday, 31 October 2011

'Thomas in Charge' of more 2012 US books

The US will be on hand in 2012 next year to witness the releases of four more books.

Cranky's Surprise is an activity title where stencils are included with it while more of them are found inside the book. Some of the shapings include The Fat Controller's hat and Thomas' No. 1 plating.
Over 400 Pages! More Than 200 Stickers!, that is what is seen and confirmed to be on the front cover of Thomas' Super-Jumbo Colouring Book which says it all as to what the book has.

Two TV Series book tie-ins are announced aswell where Thomas in Charge and Sodor's Steamworks are packaged together as a 2 Books In 1 release.

The Thomas in Charge cover includes an image of Thomas and Annie on The Shake Shake Bridge from Jitters and Japes but is not yet known as to what story the book will relate to.
Far more recognisable is Sodor's Steamworks' front that shows a promo from Steamy Sodor, however both books will be known to be in the form of a Sticker duo title.

Lastly is yet another activity page turner with Full Steam Ahead! showing Thomas and James racing through the countryside, just like in The Great Discovery special. The book contains Over 30 Tattoos inside.

The four titles all hit US book shelves on July 24th 2012.

Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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