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Monday, 24 October 2011

Fisher Price unviels brand new sets

Fisher Price's toy franchise's will release new sets starting with the Pull 'n Zoom! series.

Thomas, James and Percy join the wind back themed sets where by pulling the engine back from their load, a string attached to their coupling magnet will stretch leading to fun fast play by letting go.
Thomas comes with a Caboose Van while Percy is accompained by a Mail Truck and James from his own tender.

Next comes the return of the Talking Engines series under new designs with both Percy and even Flynn the Fire Engine being involved.
Moving on from the new to the old with Dennis the Lazy Diesel finally signed on for the Take-n-Play which includes slight differences comapred to it's original Take Along model.

Lastly Trackmaster will delight older and younger fans of the TV Series with the long awaited arrival of Duck the Great Western Engine.
The popular No. 8 Pannier Tank Engine is confirmed for the motorized range in the UK with a truck being included in his product.

The new Pull 'n Zoom, Talking Engines and Take-n-Play products hit toy shelves worldwide later this year with Duck available to buy now.

Thanks to SteamTeam and SI3DFilms for the alerts.

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