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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sodor goes partying all round with the Jap-es

A collection of party and celebration themed episodes are available to watch on a new DVD from Japan.

ソドー島は今日もおおさわぎ!! features six episodes, all of which are from the Classic Series that follow the above theme with a large cast of engines helping out in the episodes.

Episodes include;
じょおうへいかがやってくる (Paint, Pots and Queens)
トーマスととくべつなてがみ (Thomas and the Special Letter)
めでたしめでたし (Happy Ever After)
ひとだすけ (Make Someone Happy)
こわがりなきかんしゃ (Scaredy Engines)
ベストドレッサーはだれ (Best Dressed Engine)

Also included is two music videos specially created from the Japanese with パーティーしよう! (Try to Party!) and わくわくドキドキ (Pounding Thrill).

ソドー島は今日もおおさわぎ!! is available to buy now in Japanese stores.

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