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Monday, 10 October 2011

Statement: Hit Entertainment over "Xmas" replacement

Hit Entertainment have released an official statement in response to the removal of Christmas in the TV Series episodes.

Linking to Hilary Fortnam's anger over the issue via the Comments section, Hit denies the accusations over it's complete absence.
Any reports that Hit Entertainment, rights owner of Thomas & Friends, has been “writing Christmas out of a new series” are completely inaccurate.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The episode that is being referenced is six years old and was contained in a four episode DVD that was not sold as either a “Christmas” or a “Holiday” themed release.
Thomas has a great deal of Christmas themed content and does not shy away from celebrating the occasion, as last year’s DVD Christmas Express makes clear. Currently we are working on another DVD Merry Christmas, Thomas.

We take the legacy of The Rev. Awdry’s work very seriously in the creation of all of our new content and work closely with his family to best manage Thomas for future generations of children.

Christmas was, and continues to be, celebrated on the island of Sodor, the home of Thomas & Friends.



  1. "Thomas has a great deal of Christmas themed content and does not shy away from celebrating the occasion"

    Yeah, THAT'S why everyone says "Happy Winter Holidays" in the CGI series...

  2. Don't forget this all happened way back since Season six when Gullane took over the Britt Allcroft company in 2002.

  3. I wonder when the new company will take over and hopefully put a stop to HiT's nonsense... Goes to show how unprofessional they've become (regarding writing, introducing useless characters, have morals that are tagged on [even to go as far as having dangerous situations where they just think it's ok to do], and even calling a well-known holiday 'Christmas' into whatever-you-call-this-holiday 'Winter Holidays')... I'm not trying to bash HiT, but they really should change their ways in order to avoid anymore crap they'll be receiving if this continues.

  4. It's funny, i just finished watching the Merry Christmas, Thomas DVD and it's funny to hear words like "Christmas trees" & "Christmas Lights" when the holiday they're celebrating is "Winter Holiday."