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Monday, 10 October 2011

Russell Means diagnosed with cancer

Russell Means who took over the role of Billy Twofeathers from Tom Jackson in the Thomas and the Magic Railroad film has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

The actor, singer and activist was revealed to have had the condition days before the official news in early September this year via SantaFeNewMexican.com.
In a statement on his website Russel Means Freedom, Means talks to his fans over his awaring illness and of his loyal and caring fanbase.

I never expected within my lifetime, I would experience such a world wide out pour of pure love. Believe me it goes a long way toward defeating this cancer.

I found out that I was literally days away from the tumor in my throat closing my windpipe and forcing me to have a tracheotomy which would have begun my spiral down to death.
The worst part would have been my deteriorating quality of life until I expired. It is nothing short of miraculous that we found the only two cancer treatments that can actually defeat this filthy disease.

However, Means noted some good news to shed light to; The tumor in my throat has diminished significantly. I have my voice back and my ability to swallow is back up to around 90 percent.

Thanks to Troublesome Truck for the alert.


  1. Wow, seven posts in one day!
    And yet, none of them are updates on season 16?!
    On this day last year, 3/4 of the Fall season was confirmed the day before, and the first episode due the day after!
    This year, no episodes or release dates have been confirmed yet! I'm getting tense.
    I probably should say something about this particular blogpost while I'm here, but I'm not sure what to say.

  2. @Bram Season 16 can wait, this is about a man who is fighting for cancer which I'm sorry to hear :( I hope he can fight it.

  3. @Bram There is more to life than a new series of a children's television show! Updates will be posted when they're known. If they're not known HOW CAN THEY BE POSTED?!

    Have a little compassion. A man is battling cancer and THAT'S all you care about. I worry about the priorities of people sometimes...

  4. @TMRReturns and ThomasPercyandToby, you are both right, I'm sorry.

  5. I had actually thought of placing my complaints on one of the other blogposts, I only chose this one because it was the most recent. I see I should have either chose a different post, or just kept my thoughts to myself.

  6. @Bram I think it would've been better to keep those ones to yourself mate. No one really knows anything about Series 16 yet, but I'm sure there will be updates when they become known

  7. u shud b ashamd of urself bram

  8. @The person above me, learn to spell and use a real user name!

  9. Sad to hear that. Hope he gets well soon.