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Monday, 17 October 2011

The end of the Hit sale goes on the nigh

After a long period of bidders waining in on the sale of Hit Entertainment, an end to it could surface as early as this week.

Mark Kleinman's latest post on his Sky News Blog indicates that toy maker Mattel is on the way to winning the bid.
The buyout would cost a sum of over £500 million or $785 million in the US which was originally thought to be a £1 billion payout at the start through to it's midway stage.

Neither Hit Entertainment, Mattel or Apax Partners have yet to speak over the sale or even of it's supposed upcoming end.


  1. If Mattel wins Thomas will be able to say
    "And I'm from Mattel! Well, I'm not really from Mattel; I'm actually from a smaller(?) company that was purchased in leverage buyout!"

  2. Well at least Disney nor Viacom would get the rights, shame that it won't be a British company, but hey Mattel is fine by me! That if they win.

  3. Toby7 (TTTE Wiki)18 October 2011 at 00:26

    IMO, I think Mattel is the best fit for Thomas. It han't been known to shelf shows quikly, and it also has the cash to handle the franchise. Also, Take-n-Play, whose newest toys are some of the best quality since ERTL.

  4. I'm on the fence over this. Only when I see what Mattel is capable of as far as the television series is concerned will I have a real opinion on the whole situation. The only thing I could say is that it can't get any worse than it is at the moment...

  5. Just gotta hope that they don't play up the "gotta sell more toys" approach.

  6. Sorry, but what I meant was 'Well at least Disney nor Viacom would NOT get the rights' sorry :)